Cielo Gardens

CIELO Garden at House of Prayer is a community based partnership involving volunteers, educators and members of San Antonio's resettled refugee community. The gardens are located at House of Prayer Lutheran Church, where the congregation has opened their doors for adult education courses and social services to provide for San Antonio's nearby refugee community through Catholic Charities RefugeeĀ Resettlement Agency and Northside ISD Adult Education Program.

The gardens are a Green Spaces Alliance affiliated community garden that provides for students to have access to their own garden plots, as well as used in conjunction with their English literacy courses. These gardens are purely volunteer operated and funded by donations, a Green Spaces grant, and through the financial support our garden volunteers, families, and friends.

CIELO Garden will have its own website soon. For now, please visit their Facebook Page for more pictures and contact information on how you can become involved in this wonderful community garden!